Praying For Direction

After spending almost three years at Watermark, Pastor Mickey started feeling that a move was needing to take place.  When the board started evaulating the cost of our current location and projecting our growth potential, it just seemed right to find a place of our own.  Not one that we lease but property that we could call ours.

After weeks of driving around the city of Bessemer, empty buildings were easy to find but none that would give us the space for growth and expansion.  Our main goal was move forward and not backwards.  We had come accustomed to a certain amount of worship space and we did not want to give that up in this move.

Finally after looking at almost every vacant building in our area, Pastor Mickey stood before the church on Wednesday night November 8th and just declared that he didn’t know where and he didn’t know when but he was declaring by faith that we were moving by the end of the year.  While to people were excited about this announcment, we still didn’t know where we were going.

That same night while talking to one of our chruch families, Pastor was made aware of a building that might be available.  An appointment was made the next day to go and view the property and an offer was made.

The 7000 sq ft facility that will become our new sanctuary.

We not only received one building but the Lord blessed us with two.

This building serves as our ministry building that houses our kids and teens ministries.  This building also has the perfect setup for our church offices that will allow our staff the comfort and ease of minstering to our city.

This 2nd building also contained an area that would eventually become our fellowship hall but would currently serve as our worship area while we renovated our 7,000 sq ft sanctuary across the street.


That next week of November 13th, the people gathered and began to prepare our 2nd building for worship and by the first Sunday in December, we were meeting in our new fellowship hall.






Since that time, God has been helping us prepare for the next move, the moment we renovate and move into our main facility.  You can keep up with our revovation progress through our church blog.


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