Grace Recovery



A Holistic Approach to Breaking The Chains of Addiction


Grace Recovery has created a 90-day course of action for any person who is ready to be from your addictive behavior.  This approach is only for those serious about putting in the time and work to become well.

Recovery Coaching is for clients who know they need to recover from an addiction and/or compulsive behavior.  This is not therapy or any form of treatment or advice giving.  We will not dwell in the past rather I will be leading my client toward their desired future.  This is not a sponsorship nor will I be endorsing any specific method of recovery.

Grace Recovery was developed to offer a holistic approach into getting free from an addiction.  Each client will receive a complimentary session to determine (1) mutual compatibility (2) assessing client's willingness to receive help (3) to determine a course of action based on the client's addiction and recovery method.



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