Pastor Mickey's 2016 Father's Day Message


"This Is Only A Test" from Pastor Mickey


"I Will Redeem You" from the "I WILL" message series

"Are You Enough" to receive more in 2016? Check out this message from Pastor Mickey


"I Give Up" from the message series "I Want More!"

Pastor Mickey keeping it real in his "Rated R" series. This message is "Raise the Roof"


Pastor Mickey preaching the message, "When God Doesn't Make Sense"


Pastor Mickey preaching "Rescue 911" from his Rated R series


Pastor Mickey preaching at the Word Church
Cleveland, Ohio


"Where Will You Serve" from Pastor Mickey's series "A Church in Action"


From the message series, "A Church in Action"

From the message series "Jump Start Your Relationship"


Pastor Mickey shares this word on "God Will Not Change"


From Pastor Mickey's appearance at the Red Back Church Hymnal Sing at First Baptist Gardendale



(2015) Grace Church Bessemer - Watermark Plaza Pastor Mickey Bell