Pastor Mickey

"Pastor With A Past"

As you enter a place of worship to listen to a man of God teach/preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, more times than not you never know anything about him until you have heard several messages.  It's during that time you will create your own opinion as to the life he lives.  Preconceived notions cause you to believe he is above mistakes and bad decisions.  And for many pastors, you will never know where they have come from unless you get close enough to hear them share their story because they will go overboard to keep their faults from being known.
Pastor Mickey was raised in a God fearing church all of his life.  While sitting under preaching from his Independent Baptist background not only was he called but he fell in love with the role of a pastor.  After God blessed his ministry in several different areas of the state, Pastor Mickey and his family went through a time of adversity because of decisions made which allowed him to become a candidate for God's grace. 
During this time of pain and confusion, Pastor Mickey and his wife Wendy began a rigorous restoration process to not only strengthen their marriage but to restore their ministry.  Under the leadership of Dr. Barry Cosper (Director of Missions - Bessemer Baptist Association), Jerry Cunningham (Union Hill Baptist Church - Hueytown, AL), Pastor Bill McCall (Church of McAdory - McCalla, AL) and Pastor Rick Cato (Bethel Baptist - Pleasant Grove, AL) joined together to surround the Bell family.
After nine months of weekly meetings, Christian counseling and physician appointments, Pastor Mickey was fully restored to ministry work.  With Wendy and Logan (daughter) by his side and his restoration team standing behind him, Pastor Mickey launches a ministry work to display God's grace.
Our pastor doesn't want to hide behind a pulpit and make you think he is a perfect man.  He has made mistakes but it was during those moments of downfall that God revealed a measure of grace unlike any other.  And its this same type of grace that is desired by many who will walk through the doors of Grace Church Bessemer.
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