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First Unofficial Sunday!

On Sunday, September 1st, Grace Church Bessemer held their first service at their new location. Since renovations are underway in what will be the new worship facility, this service was held in the family life center.

It was a very moving service that had a lot of shouts as well as a lot of tears. Pastor Mickey took the text from Joshua 4 where a man from each of the 12 tribes were instructed to pick up a stone to use as a reminder of how good God has been. He encouraged us to never forget where we have come from, where we are now and what God did.


Pastor Mickey researched and found information about Hopewell First Baptist Church that no one knew about. He mentioned former pastors that dated back to 1929. He called out names of individuals who had a major impact in bringing Hopewell First Baptist from the beginning to where it is now.


During this portion of his message, Pastor Mickey called up the trustees from First Baptist Hopewell and right in front of the captivating audience, everyone witnessed as the official deed of the property was signed over to Grace Church Bessemer.


After several shouts and cheers, Pastor ended the message in explaining how it all happened... it was all God! He challenged us to never forget the price that was paid by so many people who came before us. And he promised that we would always remember that we did not make here on our own.

And then he ended his message with this video.

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